Working Process

Framework: technical base for superior quality &  jet terms

Our unique framework platform (named "AntHill") was developed especially to meet the challenges of the modern market worldwide both for fast terms, ultra high quality & easy smooth handling of every nuance of every client task

The flexible process allows us to find the best solution for working staff engagement and rational working resource distribution while handling every image by every teammate of the working group at the same time

The aims: Jet terms and end-to-end process control

Project planning: rational process & money value  


We are highly educated people with superior skills and progressive vision. We professionally think on details


Being armored with the samurai katana-sword (this exact "AntHill" definition was given by one of our regular clients)  we thoroughly plan every stage to achieve all the targets set by client with a most rational way


The targets: Time is money and money value is KPI

Tools are methods and vice versa: playing like musicians

Using special in-studio methods and procedures also as software & tools in combination with optimal modern hardware turned GarryVeda design Bureau © into the one among European leaders

Adobe Suite platform + Autodesk platform + self-developed software are compiled into a holistic shell when Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop are working with 3Ds max & Cinema 4D in the batch; vectors & rasters are being created in parallel threads; Painting & photography are performed perfectly; test prints & focus test-groups are processed with the ideal expertise

The achievement: No limits in visual & idea level we could create, process, deliver

Pricing principles

The design creation budget consists of several parts: taxes, specialists salaries, office & team living maintain fees, etc. We are sure our business clients being aware of these simple things & conditions forming every practical price on our planet

Basically, GarryVeda design Bureau © counts the hours every team member spent for the project as we had evaluated other parameters to this simple one using a math

Every design project being processed within "AntHill" framework requires a different amount of time a single team-member is being involved. So your project pricing obviously depends on the task's type, performing style, targets & deliverables content, etc.

Sample estimate

Here you could find a sample quote for a sample project for simple estimation of your possible budget

To estimate your new design investment correctly we need actual info so please deliver us filled-in Creative brief

GarryVeda design Bureau © provides all the strict info regarding the quotes, terms & conditions on Briefing stage and keeps it unchanged till the project's successful completion